Alpha Chi Omega promotes ‘Healthy Relationship Week’


The University of Southern Mississippi’s Alpha Chi Omega chapter partnered with the Student Government Association, Title IX Office and The Shafer Center for Crisis Prevention to host Healthy Relationships Week from Feb. 13 – 17th.

Alpha Chi Omega adopted domestic violence awareness for its national philanthropy and platform in 1992. Members have dedicated their time to serving those impacted by the issue. The “It’s on Us” sexual assault and domestic violence campaign’s Healthy Relationships Week promotes a series of events to define what healthy relationships are and how to spot abuse.

The organization collaborates with the Shafer Center for Crisis intervention to help provide services and advocacy to those affected by sexual and domestic assault. During the week of Valentine’s, Alpha Chi Omega planned a series of events and programs, encouraging individuals to define what love means to them in effort to prevent domestic violence and sexual assault.

Alpha Chi’s Vice President of Philanthropy Brooke Davis said that the goal of the week is to describe to students what a healthy relationship looks like.

“Domestic violence affects one in five college students” Davis said. “By educating students on how to have healthy relationships and how to remove themselves from unhealthy ones, we are one step closer to putting an end to domestic violence.”

This year, the organization focused on education as their main platform for getting this message across. Activities throughout the week included promotional items sent to collegiate chapters, social media posts and educational programs.

The “Love is…” campaign was demonstrated all over campus as the organization encouraged individuals to fill in the blank and define what love means to them.

“Domestic violence awareness is important for everyone to know and understand and know,” said Peyton Czerwonka, second year member. “It can happen to men and women regardless of age.”

Sorority members took pictures of students holding signs with their definition of love and shared it on social media. Lollipops and promotional cards were handed out on campus.

“Healthy relationship week has helped me to not only love myself but to understand the love that I deserve,” Czerwonka said.

To continue to promote information on healthy relationships, a trivia game was set up at Shoemaker Square for students to test their knowledge on healthy relationships.

“I hope that students will look at all of the relationships that they are currently in and really evaluate whether or not they are healthy and beneficial,” Davis added. “We want to do everything we can to make sure our fellow students are in a safe place.”

In addition, the sorority will host a color war on Thursday, Feb. 16, and individuals are encouraged to take the pledge in putting a stop to sexual assault and domestic violence in the community.