Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity partners with mobile therapy app

Talkspace. (PRNewsFoto/Spark Capital)

Alpha Tau Omega National Fraternity, one of the top 10 largest fraternities in the U.S, has partnered with the Talkspace app to offer its 10,000 members access to free mobile therapy for three months.

CEO of Alpha Tau Omega National Fraternity Wynn Smiley contributes the partnership with Talkspace to “some members who’ve committed suicide,” stating that “those instances raised concern about ongoing mental health issues,” according to CNN reporter Sara Ashley O’Brien.

Talkspace publicist Amara Saputo said the app provides on the go trusted counseling to their users.

“Instead of having to make a scheduled appointment and drive to a location, Talkspace provides the necessary help you will need for 50 percent below the average co-pay of a regular visit to a standard office,” Saputo said.

More than 350,000 people in the United States use Talkspace, and the number continues to climb.

“Talkspace employed 1,000 licensed therapists in the U.S. who are on call 24/7,” Saputo. “Once you have completed the beginning stages, you will be matched with a therapist in your state.”

Pearl River Community College alumni Victoria Valliant said she enjoyed her experience on Talkspace.

“They require users to be at least 18 years old,” Valliant said. “All I had to do to sign up was enter my email, a password and a nickname.”

Although Alpha Tau members have three free months, after the trial period they, too, are required to pay.

“The woman who’s supposed to match me with a therapist said the basic plan is $128 a month, so I probably won’t be able to stick with it,” Valliant said. “But if I ever do come up with the money, perhaps I’ll try to use it again.”

Mental health issues, ranging from depression to bipolar disorder, are prevalent among college students.

The University of Southern Mississippi offers an on-campus counseling service. They also refer students to different facilities, depending on the severity of the case.

If you or anyone you know have questions concerning mental health, please contact our student counseling services at 601-266-4829.