Anchor Splash to Aid Service for Sight

Delta Tau Delta performs in Delta Gamma's 2015 King Neptune dance competition. -Morgan Covington
Delta Tau Delta performs in Delta Gamma’s 2015 King Neptune dance competition. -Morgan Covington

The University of Southern Mississippi sorority Delta Gamma will host its annual “Anchor Splash” philanthropy event this week. The two-day event is held Wednesday, Feb. 18 and Thursday, Feb. 19 in Bennett Auditorium and the natatorium in the Payne Center.

The proceeds from the event will go to benefit Service for Sight (SFS), an organization that supports schools for the visually impaired and other organizations dedicated to sight preservation and aid for the visually impaired.

Delta Gamma also provides funds for a seeing-eye dog training facility in Madison, Mississippi.

Sight preservation is a far-reaching and relatable issue and the importance of sight itself can never be overstated,” said Delta Gamma president Rachel Rogers.

Wednesday’s portion of the event was “King Neptune” and was held in Bennett Auditorium. This part of the event features a dance competition between fraternities, in which a representative from each chapter competed for the title of “King Neptune,” or as referred to by Rogers, “basically the king of Anchor Splash.”

Thursday will feature competitive pool relay races and other water-based games for participants in the Payne Center’s natatorium, thus the event’s relative title, “Anchor Splash.”

That’s definitely what I’m looking forward to the most. It’s a fun atmosphere and a serious competition,” Rogers said.

Rogers said that last year’s Anchor Splash event raised $18,000 for SFS and that Delta Gamma aims to reach that goal this year as well.