Music, Drama Vital to “Whiplash” Excellence

Tension is a large part of what makes jazz such a powerful form of music. The ability for the music to ebb and flow,...

Stop Shaming Pop Music Fans

I have the same relationship with pop music that I do with candy. It’s sweet and easy to swallow. Too much, though, gives me...

Grammys’ Performances Memorable, Awards Disenchant

From ACDC opening the night with their first on-stage performance in four years to Usher’s cover of Stevie Wonder’s “If It’s Magic”, the 57th...

‘Final Mix’ Midnight Radio Block Debuts

Final Mix’s electric pulse paints the evening in neon, pneumatic airwaves ricocheting across Hattiesburg. Ideally, a student driving down Hardy Street might flip his...

Newsons’ ‘John’ Provoking, Yet Flawed

Courtesy photo from Southern Miss Theatre Broadcasts Britain’s National Theatre A man and woman step through an open door, faces darkened by the surreal consequences...

Manson Surprises in New Album Release

Marilyn Manson has long been a rather controversial figure within the rock music world, but in the past decade-and-a-half or so, his popularity has...

Film Examines Idea of Change

How do you describe the end of an era? While people like to believe that life is shaped by isolated events that encapsulate monumental...

Vinyl Sales Soar in Retro Rage

T-Bones Records offers a wide selection of vinyl ranging from classics to newly released. -Abby Smith Mention the word “vinyl” to anyone and he or...

Eagle Jam Brings in New Talent

The third annual spring concert, Eagle Jam, will take place Jan. 31 at 2 p.m. on Pride Field. This event attracts thousands of members...

Festival Line-ups Receive Mixed Reviews

As spring and summer approach, many Southern Miss students are gearing up to attend some of the nation’s largest music festivals.  With performances by...

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