‘Manipulator’ is solid but bloated

In the indie rock underground, there always seems to be one person who, in unspoken agreement, is viewed as the leader of the scene. For...

Autumn packed with exciting movie nights

It might not seem real yet, with the weather we are seeing, but our summer is coming to an end and is going to...

My favorite band broke up: A survival guide

We met in high school. Like all innocent love affairs, it started slowly but then washed over me suddenly. You became an integral part of...

Take a ‘Deep Breath:’ The Doctor is back

Hello, sweetie! On Aug. 23, Peter Capaldi crash landed into his new role as an alien humanoid named The Doctor in the Series Eight...

Director’s vision soars in ‘Blackbird’

Patrik-Ian Polk spent years supporting the work of other visionaries. In the late ‘90s, his name was attached to big- budget productions like “Soul...

‘Transcendence’ settles for mediocrity

As anyone who has ever been excited by a concept only to be let down by the final product knows, few things are as...

Summer to bring box-office hits

The summertime for most college students is a time to kick back and relax, to hang out with friends, and any day can become...

Anderson delivers in new release

Wes Anderson is a director that for most people is a love-hate filmmaker. The director’s very specific visual style, marked by an intense attention...

Animals as Leaders craft best album to date

When the term progressive is attached to a piece of music, the results are usually less than stellar, as the term usually denotes pretension,...

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