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Conrad Acosta

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Gubernatorial election leads to more of the same

For many people in Mississippi, this year’s election represented hope for change, not just in policy, but in political culture as a whole.

Trump’s impeachment: warranted or negative to Democrats

Printz reporters William Lowery and Conrad Acosta debate if Democrats are wasting their time with impeachment proceedings.

Pop culture influences political beliefs

All art is political. There is little that a creator of a piece of media can do to separate their work from the larger political context in which it exists, or from their own political biases conscious or otherwise. What this means for the society that is largely dominated by a media-centric culture is that pop culture has a significant impact on political culture, and by extension individual political views.

‘Jexi’ represents everything wrong with modern comedy films

Jon Lucas and Scott Moore’s “Jexi” is a film about a man who finds himself being controlled by a sentient, Siri-like entity named Jexi. While

‘Joker’ provides a grounded take on an unhinged maniac

Todd Phillips’ “Joker” is a film about the consequences of embracing instability. Using the frame of an origin story for yet another iteration of Batman’s iconic nemesis, the film tells the story of a deeply traumatized man who finds himself at the head of a political revolution in the fictitious Gotham City.

‘Hustlers’ reveals a complex and gripping story

“Hustlers” is a breathtaking drama that peels away at the archetypal story of a disadvantaged group of people making their way to the top by stealing from the powerful, to reveal a beautiful story about family, loss and growth.

“IT Chapter Two” provides mixed experience

Andy Muschietti’s “IT Chapter Two” is a strange mixture of jumpscares, comedy, highly disturbing imagery and interesting character development. Taking place 27 years after the first movie, the story follows the now-adult members of the Loser’s Club as they are called back to Derry with a mission to kill the demon known as “IT” once and for all.

Summer blockbusters surprise and disappoint

Summer movie lineups typically feature great diversity, both in genre and quality, and the 2019 summer lineup is no exception.

Must read

Financial struggles bring gritty times for students

low-income students, it can be difficult to focus that much on school due to their financial situations forcing many of them to work full-time. Likewise, other low-income students find it difficult to focus on classwork due to stress about having to take out student loans.

Employment opportunities rise for college graduates

After years of hard work, all one can hope is that it pays off in the form of a job. Here is the good news for university seniors: the job market is on an upswing.
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