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Conrad Acosta

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‘The Witcher’ declares itself as next big fantasy series

There are rare moments in pop culture when a fantasy novel series is allowed to enter the mainstream. Netflix’s “The Witcher” is...

The Republican Party lacks ideological diversity

With Donald Trump and his supporters getting most of the media coverage, it would be easy to make the mistake of assuming that he and his platform are the only things to be taken seriously as 2020 Republican contenders, but that is not the case.

Writers reflect on songs of the decade

These are the top five of the Student Printz writers’ favorite songs released in the past ten years.

Printz staff lists best movies of the decade

As the 2010s come to a close, it is time to look back and reflect on what movies have stood out amongst the rest.

‘Charlie’s Angels’ provides more laughs than thrills

Elizabeth Banks’ “Charlie’s Angels” is a fun way to pass through a few hours over the Thanksgiving holiday, but, unfortunately, it isn’t much more than that.

Gubernatorial election leads to more of the same

For many people in Mississippi, this year’s election represented hope for change, not just in policy, but in political culture as a whole.

Trump’s impeachment: warranted or negative to Democrats

Printz reporters William Lowery and Conrad Acosta debate if Democrats are wasting their time with impeachment proceedings.

Pop culture influences political beliefs

All art is political. There is little that a creator of a piece of media can do to separate their work from the larger political context in which it exists, or from their own political biases conscious or otherwise. What this means for the society that is largely dominated by a media-centric culture is that pop culture has a significant impact on political culture, and by extension individual political views.

Must read

Bias against Markle divides the royal family

Duchess Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s decision to leave their positions as senior members of the royal family is unquestionably tied to racism.

Cassettes gain popularity in Hattiesburg

Picture this: it’s the middle of summer break. You and your friends hop on your bikes and ride to the mall. You grab an Orange Julius and head for the arcade, but suddenly stop when a music store’s sign catches your eye: “There’s a revolution.”
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