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Darius Harris

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Breaking Points comic

In this week's issue, Darius Harris draws about the infamous end of the semester breakdown.

Ballot Box Comic

Comic by Darius Harris.

The Origin of Pumpkin Spice Comic

Comic by Darius Harris.

Secret Club Comic

Cartoonist Darius Harris illustrates due dates for the Oct. 16 edition.

Cuffing Season Comic

Cartoon by Darius Harris.

Group Studying Comic

Comic by Darius Harris.

Refund Comic

Comic by Darius Harris

Must read

Financial struggles bring gritty times for students

low-income students, it can be difficult to focus that much on school due to their financial situations forcing many of them to work full-time. Likewise, other low-income students find it difficult to focus on classwork due to stress about having to take out student loans.

Employment opportunities rise for college graduates

After years of hard work, all one can hope is that it pays off in the form of a job. Here is the good news for university seniors: the job market is on an upswing.
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