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Darius Harris

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Ballot Box Comic

Comic by Darius Harris.

The Origin of Pumpkin Spice Comic

Comic by Darius Harris.

Secret Club Comic

Cartoonist Darius Harris illustrates due dates for the Oct. 16 edition.

Cuffing Season Comic

Cartoon by Darius Harris.

Group Studying Comic

Comic by Darius Harris.

Refund Comic

Comic by Darius Harris

9/11/19 issue comic

Comic by Darius Harris

Must read

Students talk unconventional families

What a traditional American family looks like is a married man and woman with two and a half kids. Maybe the traditional family has a white picket fence as well. However, this is not always the case. Three college students opened up about how different their lives are due to their families not being so traditional.

Trump budget hits college students hard

President Donald Trump has proposed a new budget for 2020 where he plans to spend $4.89 trillion. Read why Dipin Subedi thinks the plan doesn't benefit college students.
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