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Destiny Reynolds is a Freshman from Biloxi, Mississippi, hoping to double-major in News-Editorial Journalism and Experimental Psychology. She enjoys reading, writing fantasy stories and poetry, playing piano, and playing video games.

Eat your heart out: Dorm-friendly recipes

While there are many perks to living on campus, the lack of a proper kitchen can certainly be a downside. With only a microwave and...

Abortion protest initiates campus backlash

In a highly conservative state such as Mississippi, there are many topics that raise tension among residents. Currently in the spotlight is the issue of...

Rape prevention polish proves controversial

It could happen to anyone. It could happen anywhere, at any time, regardless of age, race or gender.  What’s most frightening of all, though, is...

Start early: Boost your immune system

With the start of a new semester at The University of Southern Mississippi, there are a lot of opportunities for illness to be spread...

Messenger app causes unrest for users

Facebook has once again changed, and the newest changes concerning its messenger feature, both desktop and mobile, may not be for the better. There has...

Campus gym updates equipment

This semester, students who choose to work out at the Payne Center, The University of Southern Mississippi’s on-campus gym, can look forward to a...

Welcome to the ‘Nerdvolution’

On The University of Southern Mississippi’s campus, there are many well-established groups, ranging from religious worship groups to academic honor societies. However, there is...

Summer vacation: trading lazy for lively

Summer vacation draws nearer each day, and in these times one’s mind naturally turns toward what one will do to occupy the summer break....

‘Thinspiration’ craze lowers women’s self-esteem

With summer vacation coming up, it’s almost impossible not to hear the nearly universal cries of, “I want my bikini body.”  While there is...

Casual smoking linked to health issues

New research from Northwestern University links casual marijuana smoking with brain abnormalities in young adults. The study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, observed the...

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