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Garrett Minta

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Bryant extends SNAP requirements, thousands at risk

Gov. Phil Bryant chose not to renew a waiver that would exempt Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents from the work time limit rule in the...

New constructions to enhance safety, mobility

On Jan. 25, The University of Southern Mississippi initiated two projects: A pathway along Ray Guy Way to McCarty and Scianna Hall and a...

Car sales trend linked to oil prices

As oil prices plummet in the wake of a market shortfall, local auto retailers have seen sales trends flip. Oil prices are hitting record...

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‘Ghostbusters’ game welcomes players to ghostbusting

“Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered” is a treat for fans who long yearned for a third installment. For everyone else, it is a fun third-person shooter with a unique element in the form of playing as a person whose job is to catch ghosts rather than kill aliens with a big gun.

Students discuss biggest fears

In high school, problems like grades and securing a future seemed insignificant. Some students can remember thinking, “Why should I care if my grades are bad or if I don’t get into college?” Time flies by and suddenly graduation day comes—you hold your high school diploma and squint through a thousand camera flashes.
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