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Jack McCallum

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Taylor Swift beams positivity on “Lover”

Light, airy and immensely positive, Taylor Swift’s “Lover” has the singer-songwriter returning to form while keeping up with the style of pop that has been present for her past couple records.

More Missy means more enjoyable football

This year has been incredibly kind to Missy Elliott, and it is abundantly clear that celebrating her legacy at every football game is the only way to encourage attendance.

‘Euphoria’ perfectly portrays social media generation

Sam Levinson’s “Euphoria” is an edgy, stylish and wildly NSFW HBO drama that lives perfectly in the middle of being ultra-realistic and a bit...

Megan Thee Stallion officially arrives with ‘Fever’

Megan Thee Stallion has seen incredible growth in star power throughout 2019 in part due to her massive radio hit “Big Ole Freak.” With...

‘Queer Eye’ is not very queer

“Queer Eye” is not all that progressive. It’s just a basic makeover show featuring queer representation that is digestible enough to not offend the...

‘Sucker Punch’ is Sigrid’s electrifying debut

Sigrid’s “Sucker Punch” is a fun, eclectic record with a handful of electropop gems that will remain stuck in your head for weeks to...

Maren Morris releases sophomore album

Maren Morris’ “GIRL” is a sappy, emotional country-pop album that maintains the sound she’s known for while ventures in new directions. “GIRL” is the second...

Britney Spears deserves a movie

With “Bohemian Rhapsody” dominating award season and “Rocketman” gaining hype, the need for a major motion picture focusing on the life of Britney Spears...

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Terrell lives dream through restaurant

Victoria “Vikki” Terrell’s life has not necessarily been an easy one. Growing up in Hattiesburg, Terrell was faced with the challenge of living up to the legacy of her father, Southern Miss football legend Clemon Terrell.
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