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Johnathan Parr

I am a Freshman Journalism major. Back home in Olive Branch, Mississippi, I did not have an outlet to let my voice be heard. I am excited and grateful to have the Student Printz for a voice.
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President’s speech ignored on 4 TV networks

Oftentimes, people sensationalize a moment in history, making something seem much larger and more important than it actually is. If they do not sensationalize it,...

Senate rejects pipeline: nothing lost, nothing gained

The Senate voted on the Keystone pipeline - 59 senators voted yes; 41 voted no. However, because of the Senate’s 60-vote necessity, the bill...

Republicans cannot afford a shutdown

CNN reported that the disagreement about immigration could create another government shutdown because some Republicans could get mad over the president’s overreaching executive action,...

Supreme Court examines gerrymandering in the South

The Supreme Court seemed split and perplexed by a demand that Alabama redo its legislative redistricting plan because of its over-the-top emphasis on the...

Students exhibit latest work in Jazz Labs

Caption: Two students play the saxophone in USM Jazz Labs, showcasing their musical talents Friday night. Noe Cugny/Printz On Nov. 13, USM’s Jazz Labs...

Res Life changes guest policy

Caption: Junior Will Huddleston checks in his guest Caleb Robinson at the front desk of Hattiesburg Hall on campus. - Michael Kavitz/The Student Printz In early...

Men support feminism movement

Perceived by some to have “girls only” scrawled in crayon on yellow construction paper that hangs from the entrance to a pillow fort, feminism...

Students react to Pope Francis’ divisive comments

Pope Francis created an uproar when he chimed in on the origins of humanity debate, declaring that a Creator, the big bang theory and...

Must read

Party of Socialism and Liberation touches base with Hattiesburg

Read about Bezal Jupiter, a sophomore political science major at Southern Miss, and an active member of the Party of Socialism and Liberation.

Baseball falls to in-state rival Ole Miss

The Southern Miss baseball team took on in-state rival Ole Miss for its first away game and second loss of the season.
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