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J.D. Rimann

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Trump wins big: Overwhelming GOP victory

First and foremost, I was wrong. This column has denigrated, mocked, condemned and criticized Donald J. Trump repeatedly over the last year and a half....

Clinton maintains slim lead by 1.7 percent

Well, the race for the Presidency is almost over. No one has run it well, nor has it been what anyone ever expected. Indeed, one...

2016 election one week away, Senate still toss-up

One of the most remarked on and least predictable parts of the recklessly bizarre 2016 election cycle has been the control of Congress. At the...

Newly released emails unlikely to sway voters

The crazy 2016 presidential election cycle is playing out like a bad episode of “Game of Thrones.” This week saw a character that everyone had...

Supreme court not diverse, representative

The Supreme Court is not representative of America, nor is it representative of the American legal system. The judges might appear superficially diverse at...

American invasion: ISIS losing crucial battle

A week ago Sunday, the largest military engagement in Iraq since the American invasion in 2003 commenced in the vicinity of the Iraqi city...

Trump wrong, issues real: America has problems

This week, there honestly wasn’t much in the way of new news on the political scene. Donald Trump has continued his utterly predictable descent into...

Terror, war lead to famine in Nigeria

Often lost amidst all of the shouting, screaming, ‘lewd comments,’ leaked emails, and scorching hot takes this week in our presidential—not that either candidate...

Must read

Students should read instead of scroll

If you feel like you are seeing fewer books and more phones in the hands of students, you are not alone. It is not at all an uncommon sight to see a group of young people sitting together but immersed in their phones.

‘Jexi’ represents everything wrong with modern comedy films

Jon Lucas and Scott Moore’s “Jexi” is a film about a man who finds himself being controlled by a sentient, Siri-like entity named Jexi. While
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