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Jennifer Robinson

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Ticket price for film a ‘resident evil’

“Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” was a “wastenado of the eight bucks-onsoon” I spent to see it. Instead of wasting your money, watch the...

Chelsea Manning: Punishment unfitting of crime

On Tuesday, President Obama commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning. Manning is a transgender woman currently serving time in an all-male army prison. In 2010...

Movies to check out this December

Several of this month’s new movies look to be box office hits, but not all of them look to be critically promising. “Jackie” was released...

‘Moana’ more than a princess story

Disney’s latest animated feature “Moana” follows the company’s recent trend in rejecting romance-centered stories. The film also separates itself from other big-budget pieces by...

The meme is dead: Harambe write-ins not funny

In an election, every vote counts and the presidential election is no exception. This election has been ridiculous to follow. Social media has been filled...

Sexual Assault affects male, female students

Sexual assault is not limited to any single gender, race, ethnicity or religion; it has no bias. According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center,...

Hattiesburg scores low in human rights

Hattiesburg scored two points less than last year on the Human Rights Campaign’s Municipal Equality Index, according to its 2016 report. The Municipal Equality Index...

Special Collections showcases unique items

McCain Library houses thousands of books, pamphlets, transcripts and other historical resources available for student use. The Department of Special Collections features an item...

Must read

Students should read instead of scroll

If you feel like you are seeing fewer books and more phones in the hands of students, you are not alone. It is not at all an uncommon sight to see a group of young people sitting together but immersed in their phones.

‘Jexi’ represents everything wrong with modern comedy films

Jon Lucas and Scott Moore’s “Jexi” is a film about a man who finds himself being controlled by a sentient, Siri-like entity named Jexi. While
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