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Kaylyn Jones

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Baby, it’s politically correct outside

The 2019 iteration of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is a pointless distraction away from the real issues of sexual assault and consent.

‘BoJack Horseman’ gets real in latest season

“BoJack Horseman” started off as a silly, adult animation show on par with “Family Guy” but ended up more realistic than any live-action show that’s on right now. “BoJack Horseman” concluded its sixth season packed with so many heartfelt and devastating emotions.

“The Wolves” brings a howling time

Southern Miss Theater’s production of “The Wolves” was a surprisingly entertaining and heartfelt play that had the audience on their feet and...

Porter’s ‘Cinderella’ casting comes with racial implications

Emmy-award winner Billy Porter playing the Fairy Godmother in the upcoming live-action Cinderella has dark implications regarding race and sexual orientation.

Students discuss biggest fears

In high school, problems like grades and securing a future seemed insignificant.

Local psychic guides students to clarity

Hattiesburg psychic April Moonsage is happily married, takes care of her golden retriever mix, studied history and is an avid writer. In addition to her seemingly normal life, Moonsage works as a psychic and tarot card reader. She has traveled to events, has networked with colleagues and has built a good reputation after a number of years.

Hub Dance Collective presents “Re-Connect”

Hub Dance Collective presented its 7th annual fall dance concert series “Re-Connect” at the Southern Miss Theater and Dance Building Sept. 5 and 6.

Must read

Financial struggles bring gritty times for students

low-income students, it can be difficult to focus that much on school due to their financial situations forcing many of them to work full-time. Likewise, other low-income students find it difficult to focus on classwork due to stress about having to take out student loans.

Employment opportunities rise for college graduates

After years of hard work, all one can hope is that it pays off in the form of a job. Here is the good news for university seniors: the job market is on an upswing.
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