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9/11: The South Reflects on Attack

Following the terrorist attack in 2001, the citizens of Manhattan experienced an emotional aftershock, which led them to a crisis response. While the attack was in New York, the South experienced loss as well.

Students anticipate completion of N31st Avenue

As of April, Southern Miss students have been told to steer clear of the road work happening on 31st Avenue near the entrance of campus, but the road should be finished by late November, according to the City of Hattiesburg.

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Post Malone uncovers the dark side of Hollywood

For rapper and singer/songwriter Post Malone, vampires are many things: the music industry, ex-girlfriends, social media and more. He brings these monsters to the light in his third full-length album “Hollywood’s Bleeding.”

Students support shopping Secondhand September

According to the BBC, “Secondhand September” is a campaign encouraging people to avoid buying new clothing for all 30 days of September. Many students shop at local thrift stores regularly, and they shared their tips for finding secondhand treasures.
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