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Meghan Fuller

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Sexual assault survivors tell their stories

Many sexual assault survivors go through trials every day following an attack.

‘Atypical’ expands throughout the spectrum

The new season of “Atypical” disposes of the stigma that is most commonly associated with disabilities. The show is a new age comedy that accurately portrays autism in an awkwardly humorous way.

Churches need more female leadership

The lack of female deacons has especially been a hard-hitting pill for many to swallow. The idea that deacons can be female is often assumed to be from a radical or liberal standpoint, which isn’t always the case. It is, however, from a modern standpoint that seeks change within the church where it’s not always welcomed.

Rudd offers double the fun in Netflix show

Paul Rudd’s new Netflix show, “Living with Yourself” digs into the deepest desires of its viewers. Its scientific plot captures the true possibility of cloning while leaving a hilariously awkward theme in its path.

Politicians​ lack connection with students

Local politicians aim to increase their voting by campaigning to specific neighborhoods but cease to campaign to college students due to money, political views or the lack of appeal.

Grandson shows empowerment in anti-authority

Jordan Edward Benjamin, otherwise known as grandson, has been a political artist since 2018. He shares his political views throughout his music, especially during performances.

DIY costumes made cheap, easy

As Halloween approaches, many students are coming to terms with the fact that costumes cost more than necessary. This is why low-budget costumes are gaining popularity.

Dietary needs more easily met off campus

The restaurants and dining services on campus have been open and accepting to students with dietary restrictions. However, students find more options off campus.

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Financial struggles bring gritty times for students

low-income students, it can be difficult to focus that much on school due to their financial situations forcing many of them to work full-time. Likewise, other low-income students find it difficult to focus on classwork due to stress about having to take out student loans.

Employment opportunities rise for college graduates

After years of hard work, all one can hope is that it pays off in the form of a job. Here is the good news for university seniors: the job market is on an upswing.
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