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Tichina Wilson

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Jackson named the fattest city in America

Flat Tummy Tea, waist trainers, Herbalife – all things that many Americans claim help them get fit, but the question is, does any of...

Rihanna slays at Met Gala, reality stars fall short

On the first Monday in May, the Met Gala red carpet is one of the most watched fashion events of the year, hands down. Each...

‘Where Art Can Occur’ event features Beyoncé, others

On Saturday, April 29, the inaugural Wearable Art Gala brought out the likes of major stars including Kelly Rowland, Octavia Spencer, Magic Johnson, Kris...

Shea Moisture misses target audience with new ad

Internet trolls have now declared Shea Moisture as #canceled. The personal care company is now issuing an apology after the company’s key demographic, African-American wome,...

Outrageous Fyre Festival crashes and burns

Too bourgeois for Coachella, won’t go anywhere without your yacht or want to hang out on an island? Well Fyre Festival is the “lituation”...

Syphilis, chlamidia, gonorrhea: STDs affect Southern Miss

The number of cases of syphilis tripled in the Magnolia State between 2013 and 2016, according to the Mississippi State Department of Health. Since the...

Snapchat CEO says the app “is only for rich people”

An article from Insider.com said Snapchat has not lost any momentum since the adoption of Facebook and Instagram’s copycat features. According to Insider.com, 81 percent...

Pepsi’s tone-deaf commercial unites Internet

Pepsi is taking a lot of heat for its latest commercial. The ad features reality star and model Kendall Jenner. Pepsi’s intentions were to have...

Must read

Too much too late: Chappelle is our own creation

To truly comprehend Dave Chappelle’s new stand-up, ironically entitled “Sticks and Stones,” there’s a fundamental conversation that must take place. It seems that we’ve entered an age where free speech and art are treading the thin lines they’re drawn on, which is becoming a large problem.

Hattiestyle: Wardrobe Essentials

In the South, there are not seasons so much as varying degrees of heat. The seasons and changing styles of New York Fashion Week do not exist below the Mason-Dixon line. Besides chevron print, oversized t-shirts and Nike shorts, what else can be considered “wardrobe essentials” in the Bible Belt?
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