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William Lowery

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Geocaching brings people together

Geocaching brings people together

‘Birds of Prey’ delivers a colorful, demented movie

DC Comics has been on a roll. With “Joker” grabbing awards and raking in the money at the box office, it’s funny to think that only a few years ago, people were bemoaning the company’s output of comic book movies.

Coronavirus scare promotes xenophobia

Unfortunately, the epidemic has resurrected an age-old disease: xenophobia. Read William Lowery's opinion now.

Students struggle to find time for lunch on campus

The current academic schedule also leaves a small window of time for Southern Miss students to grab a bite to eat before heading to the next class.

Kobe Bryant’s death highlights problem with media

The unexpected loss of Kobe Bryant on Jan. 26 was shocking, but what was more shocking was the media’s poor handling of the situation.

Super Bowl commercials bring highs and lows

These are the best and worst three of this year’s Super Bowl ads, according to William Lowery.

‘Terminator Resistance’ delivers surprisingly fun experience

“Terminator Resistance” is better than it has any right to be. Read William Lowery's review.

‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’ captures Mr. Rogers’ essence

Brilliant is the best way to summarize “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.”

Must read

Selfie filters highlight the worst of social media

It’s no secret that social media can be harmful to mental health and self-esteem. Posts usually show the best parts of people’s lives and aren’t a true reflection of life, but it can be easy to forget that. The popularity of selfie filters and photo editing apps only exacerbates this problem.

Delgado speaks on bettering the community

Councilwoman Deborah Delgado has been sitting on the Hattiesburg City Council since she was elected in 2001. The councilwoman is passionate about raising minimum wage, criminal justice reform and strengthening the Hattiesburg community. 
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