Being a freshman in college means learning responsibility

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Ah, college: every senior in high school’s dream. You’re out of your parents’ house now, so that means you have more freedom than ever. You can stay out as late as you want. You’re also a legal adult- you know what that means. Quite honestly, now that I’m a real college kid, I have never been so tired. I finally understand those gaudy shirts that read “I can’t adult today.” With having all of this new freedom, there’s a catch and it’s called responsibility.

Being an adult and being on your own in college is hard. I’m supposed to be doing my own laundry (but I keep bringing it home for my mom… sorry), making sure I do all my homework, working two jobs (I have no money though), and just so much more. My mom summed up adulthood pretty well when she said, “You know you’re an adult when you have to make your own bedtime.” Wow, does this ring true in the world of college life. Whether people are studying in the library until 2:00 AM, or partying until who knows what time- bedtime is a vital part of surviving college responsibly. Personally I try to go to bed around 12:30- but that’s if I’m lucky, because I am one of the world’s greatest procrastinators- so an early bedtime is not usually something I can attain.

Procrastinating is so unhealthy. I’m the kind of person who finishes an assignment literally 10 minutes before the due date. There’s a meme from the popular TV show Rick and Morty where they finish one of their infamous adventures and are finally able to breathe so they’re hysterically crying and screaming “Why do we do this to ourselves?!” Literally this is me. But hey, it works and I get everything done, so it’s fine.

Being an adult gives you a lot of freedoms though. You can get tattoos, piercings, and dye your hair some crazy color(s). With me though, I’m always asking my parents for permission. Why? Oh, I don’t know, maybe because they’re graciously paying for my tuition. That’s just me though. I mean, I’d love to get a tattoo one day. I think they’re super cool. Also, if you choose to get one and your parent(s) get mad at you, just remember this: if you live on campus they can’t get to your dorm without meeting you at the front desk first, so you’re basically safe. You’re also in control of how much and where you go out. There’s no more curfew (except for visitors in the dorm and if you’re even two minutes late checking them out you get a ticket), and there’s no more asking for permission to go to your friend’s house or parties.

Freedom also gives you the opportunity to begin figuring yourself out. You’re not under your parents’ roof, so you have this ability to be exposed to new things like new clubs, new ideas, new people, and even new food. Slowly but surely we’re figuring out who we are. This freedom is invigorating, but it also has a lot of responsibility attached to it. It’s your life, live it how you want to, but do so wisely and make good choices.