#Beychella dominates Twitter during Coachella


If you had the misfortune of falling asleep before 2 a.m. on Saturday, you truly missed out on an incredible landmark of a performance by Beyoncé at Coachella. Plenty of surprises were thrown into this hour-long performance including her homage to HBCU marching bands, an appearance by her husband Jay-Z and a mini-reunion of Destiny’s Child. Though, the experience was still an enjoyable one for those that could only afford to tune in via livestream and through the hashtag #Beychella on Twitter.

The first black woman to headline Coachella, Beyoncé took this opportunity to promote her usual M.O.: the representation of black people, specifically women, in society. She took the chance to promote the importance of black education with her surprise of a traditional, allblack marching band, and she also celebrated the achievements of what black men and women can do with talent and a degree by allowing several performers to display their talents in dance and song. Beyoncé also took several moments to propel the true missions of feminism with her hit singles “Single Ladies” and “Run the World” as leading anthems.

Tweets with the hashtag #Beychella followed the performance every step of the way.

“Beyoncé is the best f— performer, y’all need to be so excited to be alive right now because this s— ain’t gonna happen every day so appreciate this day #Beychella,” Alex55657871 said on Twitter.

“THIS. IS. BLACK. CULTURE!!! #BEYCHELLA,” Shannondrewthis said.

“Beyoncé really made this performance for the black community. This is just giving me EVERYTHING. THIS is power. #Beychella,” Lolyia4 said.

The fun and energy on stage could be felt through the screen as several members of the buzzing marching band took center stage and danced with no remorse. Different dances through the ages were performed, and dancers were picked up and twirled while dangling from their band members’ shoulders. In many ways, Beyoncé played as a small role throughout several moments of the performance so that her black performers could shine.

Despite this, one of the most comical moments of the night was reading people’s reactions to the live audience.

“That da— ungrateful audience had to be told multiple times to be louder, Bey I would never #Beychella,” shennelmelody said.

“This audience truly does NOT deserve Beyoncé. LIKE Y’ALL CAN’T SING ALONG NO MORE??? #beychella,” brayezyy said.

“Every person involved with this performance (except the audience) did a phenomenal job. What a blessing. #Beychella,” Phunky_Brewster said.

Midway through her performance, the Queen Bey herself gave a speech to the Coachella audience that she had to turn down an earlier chance to be at Coachella because of her pregnancy with her twins. Though in her typical fashion, Beyoncé took the final five minutes of her performance to thank every person that helped put the show together, including the audience, which was much undeserved.