Burnin’ Love 5K Color Run 2017 Gallery

(Cam Bonelli)

Photographs by Shraddha Bhatta, Cam Bonelli, Jack Hammett and Kenyatta Ross

Early Saturday, University of Southern Mississippi community members jogged across the Hattiesburg campus for the 20th annual Burnin’ Love 5K Color Run.

At intervals, event workers pelted white-shirted runners with Mardi Gras-colored powder.

Graduate for facilities and Rec Sports Savina Miller said the 5K is sponsored by the Hattiesburg Fire Department.

“The profits go to student development through our campus rec for our student employees and also part of it will help the HFD Benevolence Fund,” Miller said. “It’s the only color run in the area and is kind of fun and different compared to regular 5K runs.”