Canvas replaces Blackboard as online learning system


After getting feedback from students and professors, The University of Southern Mississippi decided to change the platform it uses for all online academic resources. Now, students will be redirected to the new program Canvas after logging into their Blackboard account.

The university website offers resources to help students and faculty learn how to navigate the new system. Beginning in the fall 2017 semester, all online classes will be in the Instructure’s Canvas learning management system. Students will not be able to access any previous classes in Blackboard after the Summer 2017 semester.

Canvas is meant to make life easier for both professors and students, according to the university website.

“I hope that students will find it to be an easy, user-friendly interface that supports their learning in a variety of classes,” Professor and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Amy Miller said in a previous edition of the Student Printz.“For faculty, I hope that they will find the environment to be a comfortable one to teach in that allows easy interaction with students.”

Testimonies from other universities have proven Canvas’ usefulness. The University of Birmingham reported that they uploaded around 4,600 courses during the first three months – something they never could do on their previous platform. According to Joe Berry from the College of Social Sciences, student response to the change “was very, very positive.”