Cars and Coffee returns to Hattiesburg

Photo by: Bethany Morris

After recently restarting the chapter, Hattiesburg Cars and Coffee held its first event in the parking lot near Starbucks for the car show on Saturday, April 14. The event is a chance for car enthusiasts to showcase the vehicles that they have put so much time and money into restoring and fixing.

Cars and Coffee showcased cars ranging from the luxurious Tesla and Porsche to hot rods such as Ford Mustangs and Dodge Chargers to an antique 1967 Plymouth.

Petal resident Gerard Hansen brought his 1967 Plymouth to Hattiesburg’s Cars and Coffee. Hansen said his interest for his 1967 Plymouth began when he watched Richard Petty race his stock car on TV. The Plymouth has been in his family since he was 13.

“In 1967 Richard Petty won 27 races, 10 in a row,” Hansen said. “He was driving a car pretty much like mine, and I told my brother we need to go look at the Plymouth.”

Joe Bolivar of Laurel and Mimi Deane of Ocean Springs are two of the many organizers of Hattiesburg Cars and Coffee. Bolivar tells that preparation for Hattiesburg Cars and Coffee started about two years ago but couldn’t get much interest around the area. To help further organize and promote the event, they brought in Deane who was able to bring the attention needed to make the event happen.

Bolivar is a retired Marine who spends his time working on cars seven days a week. He said he uses his hobby as an enjoyable way to past the time.

Deane also helps run Cars and Coffee of Biloxi and figured it was about time for Hattiesburg to have the event back. Deane has spent the past four to five years going to car shows and meeting other car enthusiasts.

Kelly Barrow of Hattiesburg just recently started doing car shows since she got her 2017 Mustang EcoBoost. She customized her Mustang with stripes that color flip. Depending on how the light hits the stripes, it may look purple, blue or ice blue. Since it is a turbocharged car, from the factory it’s quiet, so she added the adapter to hear the pressure blow off.  She plans to add exhaust, an aftermarket downpipe and cold air intake to force colder air into the engine to give it more performance. Barrow does all her own custom work to her cars.

“I think it’s just in my blood,” Barrow said. “My real dad was a construction mechanic in the Navy as well as my grandfather. I have been tinkering with cars since I was eight. It’s always been something that I’ve enjoyed.”

If you’re an automotive enthusiast, follow their Facebook page Hattiesburg Cars and Coffee as well as Biloxi Cars and Coffee to keep up with their next show days.