Character devlopment makes Stranger Things Season Two shine


Stranger Things Season Two did everything but disappoint. It excited, it saddened, and it immersed you into the town of Hawkins, Indiana as if you were one of the town’s inhabitants. Season 2 left viewers starving for more after the season ended with an ominous cliff hanger lingering in the background of the Upside Down’s version of Hawkins Middle School. Something’s coming… but what? I guess we’ll just find out in the confirmed season 3. While we wait ever so impatiently, let’s recap of what happened in the latest installment of Stranger Things.

Potential spoilers lie ahead

Season Two comes in about a year after the first season ended. In the first episode we are introduced to the new kid on the block – Mad Max. Maxine Mayfield and her family moved from California to Hawkins after her mom and step dad got married and to get away from Max’s dad. Step-brother and new high school hot-shot. Billy Hargrove proves to be a miserable kid whose dad is semi-abusive. Billy takes all of his anger out on Max- thus the name Mad Max. Lucas and Dustin commence to fight for Max’s “love” by stalking her throughout school and the arcade. Mike, on the other hand, can’t stand the thought of another girl possibly taking the place of his beloved El.

Joyce Byers also has a new love interest – Bob Newby. When we first meet Bob, he is your average guy. There didn’t seem to be anything special about him. Honestly he was my least favorite for the longest time- he just seemed like a goober.

While Dustin and Lucas are busy fighting over Max, and Joyce is head over heels for Bob, Will is fighting something much bigger. After seeing Doctor Owens (the new head of Hawkins Laboratory) every so often, he is misdiagnosed with PTSD for his time spent in the Upside Down. Will was having moments where he would return to the Upside Down (unintentionally of course) and he couldn’t get out without the help of someone noticing something was wrong. Will was encountering “The Shadow Monster.” During one of his episodes, Will was being chased by the Shadow Monster and, thanks to average Bob, when Will tried to tell the monster to “Go away” the monster went inside of Will – much like a parasite.

The show is then centered around understanding what exactly is inside of Will, and how to get it out. Thanks to Bob’s bravery, Joyce’s love, and Eleven’s powers Will is saved… for now.

In my opinion, the character development in this season was what made it far better than the first, or honestly any other season of television in general. By the end of the season, I was almost in tears, and that can only come as a result of the exquisite character development by the Duffer brothers. Each character was, in some way or another, relatable, and it feels like I know them so well after knowing what all they’ve been through. I could not be more excited to see where this saga heads next.