Cowboy Mouth to play at Brewsky’s Nov. 10


Rock-and-roll band “Cowboy Mouth” is headed to Hattiesburg to showcase its unique style branded from the group’s hometown of New Orleans at Brewsky’s on Friday, Nov. 10.

“Cowboy Mouth” unites elements of rock, punk and blues to present live concerts that have run across the festival circuit for over twenty years. The Louisiana natives have played more than 2,500 concerts, performing for over nine million fans during their existence.

Band leader Fred LeBlanc fills many roles for these southern- style entertainers. LeBlanc is “Cowboy Mouth’s” lead singer, drummer and writes a large portion of the group’s music on guitar. Joining Leblanc onstage will be guitarist John Thomas Griffith, who has been with the band since its founding, guitarist Matt Jones and bassist Brian Broussard.

During the 1990’s, “Cowboy Mouth” released original music through MCA Records and Atlantic Records respectively; however, the band created its own music label in the early 2000’s to focus solely on its audience.

With songs like “Jenny Says,” that once sat in the upper half of the “Billboard” rock charts, “Cowboy Mouth” looks to give Hattiesburg what Leblanc called “one of the most kick-ass rock shows you’ve seen in a long time.”

LeBlanc added that this show will be the first in a short tour run, with concerts following in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Nov. 11 and St. Louis, Missouri on November 17 and 18. After that, the band will return for another tour stretch on Dec. 28 in Memphis, Tennessee.

If you need some relief, “Cowboy Mouth” ensures that this concert is the place to be. “If something’s bothering you or pressuring you, come blow it off and drink it away with us,” said LeBlanc. “I’m in it for the fans, the celebration and the joy.”

Follow “Cowboy Mouth” as they plan to start recording new music next month for the first time in over a year, and do not miss them grace Hattiesburg this Friday, Nov. 10 at Brewsky’s.