DC fails to compete with Marvel’s massive success


With the recent success of “Black Panther,” one would ask: Is DC really competition for Marvel? “Black Panther” passed “Justice League” in box office sales in its first week. “Black Panther” reached over $1 billion globally, surpassing all superhero films at the box office.

According to Screen Rant, “Black Panther” made $201.8 million at the domestic box office and $169 million overseas, making it the 15th highest-grossing worldwide opening in history.

The best thing about Marvel is its consistency with its movies, which draws excitement from superhero fans. Ultimately, DC’s breakout movies were supposed to be “Justice League” but if we are comparing it to Marvel’s “Black Panther” then it’s not even close.

DC has a list of movies to be released: “Aquaman,” “Shazam!,” “Wonder Woman 2,” “Flashpoint,” “Suicide Squad 2” and “The Batman.” Can that list compete with Marvel’s up-and-coming films?

According to The Daily Beast, “Marvel knew how insane its ambition was to create a shared movie universe, so they slowrolled it, creating movies with their own distinct identities, gradually introducing more characters.

“Gotham’s Dark Knight won that battle two decades ago, but the frenemies parted with a grudging mutual respect,” the article continued. “And after spending decades dominating the superhero movie business with their Superman and Batman films, respectively, it was DC who had the hits under their belt while Marvel’s film interests were scattered across multiple studios.”

Marvel is about to release their biggest movie yet, “Avengers: Infinity War” on April 27, which is projected to sell even more at the box office than “Black Panther.”

After the release of “Avengers: Infinity War Part 2” in 2019, in which many heroes are expected to die, Marvel will release a new role out of movies and enter a new phase. Will DC be able to finally catch up?

It will all come down to a surprise on the DC side. DC needs to make a film that doesn’t live up to what they’ve been releasing. It will be risky, but DC has to bring excitement back to their films as they did when “The Dark Knight” was released.