EagleTHON raises $10K in donations


The nonprofit campus organization EagleTHON raised $10,017 for the kids of Children’s Miracle Network at Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital at its dance marathon event Feb. 18.

Participants and donors danced and supported the organization’s purpose.

EagleTHON promotes Children’s Miracle Network hospitals and raises money for Blair E. Batson in Jackson. Last fall, the organization focused primarily on profit shares and its event, Karaoke for a Cause.This spring’s fundraising included many local sponsorships.

The group also hosted For The Kids or FTK week featuring different events and fundraisers including a “1K in 1 day” event and a “Puppy Love” event on Valentine’s Day, in which the group partnered with Southern Pines Animal Shelter and brought puppies on campus for students to relax and play with for a donation of at least $1.

During the week, the group also hosted the “Table of Terror,” for which well-known campus leaders volunteered.

President of External Affairs Melissa David said this event was the biggest success of the week.

“People could come by and pay money to make them eat some pretty disgusting things,” David said. “We had mayo all the way to pig’s feet. The only way that they could get out of eating was by matching the price that the donor had given.”

Senior biology major Amani Mohamed was part of the catering committee at EagleTHON.

“Being able to get in touch with different restaurants in the community and having them support us by catering without getting any profit out of it showed me how positive and caring people are,” Mohamed said. “This event is so important for the children receiving the profits because they are able to get assistance to receive their treatments and know that there is an organization that supports them and is willing to go out of its way to make sure they get the care they need.”

David said the group raised more than $10,000 in its first year.

“I cannot wait to see how much this program and total will continue to grow with all of the love and support Southern Miss has to give,” she said.