Gallery: ‘The Lyric Body: A Dance Poetry Experiment’


Dance, technology and poetry students explored the relationship between movement of the body and language of poetry during the event ‘’The Lyric Body: A Dance and Poetry Experiment” in The University of Southern Mississippi’s Theatre and Dance building Nov. 17.

Students recited poetry ynchronized with movement over background music during the hour- long event. The dancers and poets became successful to expand the audience’s understanding of both dance and poetry in these innovative, collaborative performances.The concert saw a turnout of more than 50 attendees.

The five performances in sequence shows how the genre of dance and poem can be interconnected and collaborated to provide visualization of the poem through the bodily movements, a different form of dance.

“It was amazing to see the dance in the poems,” said attendee Bobby Johnson. “The coordination between the dancers and poets was awesome. I realized how two forms of art relates and corresponds to give clear meaning in the contemporary issues. I enjoyed seeing dances and hearing poems in the theatrical environment.”