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Grub in the Hub with MassiveJ


It may come as no surprise that Hattiesburg is home to many great eateries. It also may come as no surprise that in a town where locals call themselves “Hattiesburgers,” there is no shortage of places to get a good hamburger. Everyone has varying opinions on who has the “best” hamburger, so I will spare you of naming what I think to be the best hamburger in town. What I will do is give you a short list of my favorite places to get a hamburger and why you might want to check out their food. I will also include the names of notable places that are worth checking out as well.

Keg and Barrel

This place is bringing it, for real. I love the burgers at K&B as much as I love pretty much everything about Keg. Their food is always on point, and they don’t slouch on their burgers. Keg gets their beef from Stonnington Farm down in Perkinston, where the cattle is grass-fed. The local beef they’re getting is so tasty and is definitely some of the best around. Keg offers many variations of burgers, but one of my favorites has to be the Pepper Jacquelyn that comes with pepper jack cheese and fried jalapenos on a jalapeno cheddar bun. This thing is a serious game changer. Keg and Barrel is easily one of my favorite places to enjoy a burger in town as the atmosphere is second to none.  

Plaid Rhino

Plaid Rhino is definitely a place to get a burger in Hattiesburg. The real question when you go there is, what kind of burger? This joint has a the most options for building a burger I’ve ever seen. Plaid Rhino allows to pick your meat, your bun, your cheese and accoutrements (toppings) from a large list of lagniappes. Do you want to try elk, bison or ostrich burger? Have you ever had crawfish jubilee on a burger? That’s a thing, apparently.  Plaid Rhino has options on options on options. When I went to PR, I went straight up savage on a big burger with bacon, cheddar and a fried egg. Let’s just say Plaid Rhino doesn’t play games with their burgers. Plaid Rhino does boast an arcade if you do want to play games (for free) while you wait on your burger.


I finally got a chance to try the burger at Sully’s, and I must tell you, it’s delicious. Sully’s is definitely known for their meat, and the burger is no exception. Usually when I’ve gone to Sully’s, getting a burger is the last thing on my mind. I’m not sure if you know this, but Sully’s has a reputation for great steaks. Much like every other place noted, Sully’s offers many different variations of burgers. I tried the Sullivan and it was on point. It hits you with bacon, fried jalapenos, fried pickles and pepper jack cheese. With two large patties, Sully’s gives you a huge double stack. If you like big burgers and you cannot lie, go give Sully’s a try.

Thirsty Hippo

If you don’t know, now you know. Thirsty Hippo is more than just a great place to see awesome music, catch a comedy show, or dance your fanny off. It is a great place to grab a bite, as well. Boasting a stellar menu, the Hippo brings big-time flavor to your palate. The burgers here are tremendous. Do you dig pimento cheese?  Do you dig pimento cheese on a burger? How about a fried egg on your burger (or pretty much anything)? The Thirsty Hippo has grown a reputation for great tasting food. Even their veggie burger is on point.


Branch, a cocktail bar/restaurant inside the same building as Mahogany Bar, Crescent City Grill and Purple Parrot, has a burger worthy of my short list. I’m not even sure why Robert St. John built Ed’s Burger Joint, cause the Branch Burger puts them all to shame. Made with beef short rib and brisket, American cheese, house-brined pickles, onions, a brioche bun, and the option to add bacon or an egg, this burger pretty awesome. There is nothing better than going to what feels like a very upscale bar and noshing on a delicious burger and truffle fries. This burger is legit.

Other Notables – These are places worth checking out as well.

Mugshots – Have you ever taken the Mugshot challenge? (I haven’t!)

Ward’s – Home of the Big One (Wards over War)

Gold Post – Nothing like the Big Gold Burger to brighten up your day.

Blu Jazz Café – Now in the old Brownstones location on Front St. in Downtown

Ed’s Burger Joint – Milkshakes and tater tots

Topher’s – Looks like a fast food restaurant, but makes food to order, the way it should be

Dis & Dem – Out West

Coney Island Café – I love me a little burger and some curly “Q” fries in this downtown diner

The Depot – This burger is only available every so often.

For more GRUB in the HUB with Massive J, follow Jamie on twitter and IG @massivej 

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