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Grub N’ The Hub: Late Night


Living in a college town can have its perks. Hattiesburg has an abundance of places to get great food. Within a short stretch of Southern Miss, you can find many eateries that serve food on that late-night tip. I’m talking after the last call. The club is getting out, and it’s time to get some food. The lights are turned on, and you hear someone say, “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here!” Time to get some late-night Grub N the Hub!  Where are we going?

Oh, you already know!

Waffle House (open 24 hours a day)

If you know me, you know I’m a seasoned pro when it comes to WaHo. I’m bout to get that Allstar just the way I like it. I want those hash browns scattered, covered, chunked and peppered (and maybe even topped, if I’m feeling froggy). Let me get those scrambled eggs with cheese and some bacon. It’s time to make a breakfast sandwich. I always ask for my waffle last because I want it for dessert. And give me that golden brown – not too soft waffle. (FYI Massive J is a diva). With me and Waffle House, it’s all about the experience. Waffle House is late night nostalgia. The diner has it all. I love playing music on the jukebox, specifically “Proud Mary” by Ike and Tina Turner when I get my grub on. Now with the TouchTunes app, you can anonymously choose the music. I always leave them with Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to be an American.” I’m proud to live in the land of Waffle House. Hattiesburg has at least four of them. Take your pick!

Taco Bell (open until 2 a.m. Sun-Wed, til 3 a.m. on Thursday and til 4 a.m. Friday & Saturday)

Taco Bell is definitely a great place for the late-night munchies. Whether you want a taco, burrito, chalupa or any of the other countless items, Taco Bell will do it right. Fiesta potatoes, por favor? Hit me with some Fire sauce and some extras off the dollar menu. Taco Bell isn’t super expensive, but I’m notorious for ordering too much food and running up the bill. The location near 25th Avenue is one of the best of any fast food restaurants I’ve ever been to when it comes to quality and getting your order correct. Knock on wood.

Cook Out (open until 3 a.m. Sunday-Thursday, until 4 a.m. Friday & Saturday)

Cook Out may be somewhat new on the scene here in Hattiesburg, but if you haven’t checked it out, you are doing yourself a disservice. Cook Out is known for being inexpensive as well as having a ton of menu items. You have to try a “tray.” I usually get a Cajun chicken sandwich tray with seasoned fries and a quesadilla (think of your homemade quesadilla and don’t get your hopes up). The amount of sides to choose from is ridiculous. You get two sides with a tray. Don’t be afraid to double up on something you like. Another staple at Cook Out is their milkshakes. Although they aren’t big baller shakes like they have at Ed’s, they are still pretty tasty. Hook me up with a peanut butter and banana shake!

Raisin Canes (open until 2 a.m. Sunday-Wednesday, until 3:30 Thursday – Saturday)

What can I say?  This place stays busy all the time. Canes does what they do best: Chicken Fingers. One love. They got sauce. They got toast. I will acknowledge they have slaw, but I will also acknowledge that they allow me to sub the slaw for double toast. And that’s how that’s done.

Checkers (open until 5 a.m. Sun.-Wed., until 6 a.m. Thurs.-Sat.)

Checkers and Rally’s are the same thing, right? Well if you’re up late and in the mood for a delicious burger and fries, you can’t go wrong with Checkers. One of my favorite things about Checkers is their French fries. They are seasoned and usually have a nice crunch to them. Apparently, the chain’s slogan is “You Gotta Eat.” Wow, that’s deep.

Insomnia Cookies (open until 3 a.m errday)

What a world we live in where you can order cookies to be delivered to your house on that late-night tip. Insomnia brings you a variety of different cookies and accouterments if you are willing to pay. I have never actually had them delivered, but I do know that I love me a Bigwich (two cookies with icing sandwiched in-between). Note to self: go get a Bigwich.

Notable Late Night food

Krystal – (open 24/7)

If you in the mood for a sack full, head down towards the gas station across from Lake Terrace Convention Center.

Sonic Drive-In (the one by Wally World on Hwy. 49 is open until 2 a.m. every day)

It’s basically across 49 from the Waffle House you should have gone to.

In memoriam

Gone are the days of late night orders to the underground pizza man. Many fortunate to know about this phenomenon know that not all heroes wear capes. This man is a legend. A Hattiesburg icon. I was lucky to learn of his service early on upon my arrival to town. It was always interesting getting to introduce people to the underground. Strictly word of mouth. Strictly late-night. Strictly cash. Maybe someone told you what name to look up in the phone book. The number was passed down from friend to friend. I still have his number in my phone and I refuse to delete it. Gone are those late-night encounters, but your memory lives on.

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