Homecoming elections, campaigns cause annoyance

SGA elections 2016

On Oct. 4 and 6, students cast their votes for The University of Southern Mississippi’s Homecoming Court.

Those campaigning were primed to make new friends during the week through meeting potential voters and winning them over.

To some students, however, getting a vote may not be that serious.

“It’s fairly annoying when you have a lot of people coming up to you handing out just random stuff,” said freshman Matt Saunders.

As elections were nearing the campus, those with no affiliation were preparing themselves as much as the candidates, planning out their routes on campus in relation to where campaigners plotted to attract the most students.

“It’s gotten so bad where most people have to walk past them with headphones, and they have to pretend that they’re on the phone so they won’t get harassed by these people,” said sophomore Shelby Thames. “It’s really, really annoying.”

Students could find campaigning near congested areas on campus such as outside Cook Library, the Liberal Arts Building and near Shoemaker Square.

“Sometimes, I’ll just be relaxing, and they’ll come up to me, and I don’t even feel like talking,” Saunders said. “They are just like, ‘Here’s my name,’ and they’ll try to persuade me.”

Not everyone thinks elections are unnecessary, though. Non-traditional student and senior Emily Woods said that even though their tactics can be a bit persistent, the homecoming court is essential to the campus.

“We’re choosing a leader,” Woods said. “Leaders are very important.”

Homecoming Court winners will be announced Oct. 6.