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Opinion How to dress chic for cheap during winter

How to dress chic for cheap during winter


Temperatures have been dropping and the semester is wrapping up, which means it is time to whip out the winter wardrobe.

Trends come and go, styles are constantly evolving and this season is no exception. Dressing for winter in a city like Hattiesburg can be difficult with the unpredictable temperatures, but there are a few essentials that can help anyone bring their look to a new level. It can be easy to lose track of your personal style in a sea of Comfort Color t-shirts, so please allow for this to serve as a guide.

Puffer coats have been making quite the comeback via social media and runway with brands like Balenciaga pushing the ridiculously oversized look. It might be fairly easy to write off winter coats as being an unnecessary purchase in climates like Hattiesburg, but these can be purchased for cheap and automatically add a sense of depth to your personal style. Temperatures drop to lower than 30 degrees at least a few times a year so it is wise to invest in at least one item to keep warm.

Outerwear does not end at puffer coats if those just are not your thing. Vintage, neon windbreakers are still stylish, cheap and easy to find at a thrift store. Now is the time to be adventurous, so go take that bright pink windbreaker from your mom.

Leather boots are always a point of peak excitement for bringing out the winter wardrobe and remain an essential. If boots seem too expensive, or are just not your thing, dad sneakers are still a hot moment. Nearly every brand has hopped on the dad sneaker trend so just find your favorite sneaker brand and roll with it.

Sweaters are always a must for the colder months and brands like Marc Jacobs have really helped liven up the idea of the sweater. Just because the temperatures are cooling does not mean your wardrobe has to cool down. Bright prints are raging in knitwear and are super easy to find whether from a thrift store or Paul Smith.

Kitschy handbags have made quite the splash with brands like Betsey Johnson, H&Moschino and Balmain bringing forth their idea of a unique bag. Not only are the bags cute, it is always fun to pull your phone out of a purse shaped like a swan. If you think there might be a handbag shaped like it, you are probably correct.

Pants can seem a bit monotonous with season after season of little-no change. Barring this, texture and patterns are making quite the rise with plaid pants appearing on every Insta-style icon. A pair of fitted, textured pants can be purchased for cheap and show an attention to detail in your style.

Not only are sunglasses an essential in terms of health, they are probably the most fun part in styling yourself. Off-White’s sold out collaboration with Sunglass Hut shows how hot the sleek, slender, dark-lensed sunglasses are. Good thing is that you do not have to pay Off-White money and can get similar sunglasses from your local gas station for the price of a Cook Out tray.

Style is truly about confidence and representing yourself. Your fashion and how you dress are an extension of your personality and point of view. The world of fashion is a way of expression and should not be taken to heart as long as you are confident in the style choices you have made.

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