HPD, LPD, DEA arrest grad student on drug charges

USM grad student Faizan Tahir was reported missing Feb. 3, 2017.

On Friday, Feb. 3, University of Southern Mississippi graduate student Faizan Tahir’s family reported him missing. The family later learned Faizan was arrested on drug charges, according to the Hattiesburg Police Department.

According to WDAM, On Wednesday and Thursday, HPD, the Lamar County Sheriff’s Department, Forrest County Sheriff’s Department, METRO and DEA arrested Faizan Tahir and charged him with the sale of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance (ecstasy).”

Family members began to notice he was not returning calls Thursday evening. On Friday, Feb. 3, the family filed a missing persons report around 12:30 p.m. At approximately 3:45, his family learned of the arrest, according to a previous Printz article.

Editor’s Note:

I originally did not intend to publish this article, but due to the nature of events it was necessary for the readers to understand what happened to the missing student. This story was a conflict of interest to the Printz as the person mention was an editorial staff member’s relative.

The original intention of the first article was to find someone who was presumed missing and included information of his last known whereabouts. A quote was included that some readers felt inflammatory. This was included to try to help find Tahir, as the family was worried about the safety of the student.

As a young journalist, I am prone to make mistakes, but I wish to never mislead readers on the true nature of a story – no matter how terrible the truth can seem.