Surviving Abuse

Student finds voice to share his experience of sexual assault In August 2015, fall classes began at Jones County Community College, and when Kristen arrived...

Does Amazon enable shopping addiction?

Shopping in 2016 goes as follows: after dark, in bed, multiple tabs open and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in hand (or at...

Are millennials totes changing the English language?

In January, Washington Post reporter Jeff Guo wrote a blog post titled “The totes amazesh way millennials are changing the English language.” In the post,...

Daylight Saving Time’s history reveals its purpose

Twice a year, people turn the clock back one hour in order to conserve energy and make better use of our daylight. It is...

Students lose track of health by year’s end

The semester’s end is a busy time for college students. From impending finals to holidays and festivities, students’ health can be pushed to the...

Feminist opposes acceptance of transgender women

Iconic feminist Germaine Greer recently made blunt comments on behalf of transgender women, saying they aren’t women at all. She even went so far...

Recuperate from failing grade on transcript

There is no mood-killer quite like failing a class. Although it can be discouraging and dreams of graduate school may seem further out of...

Do-it-yourself costumes save money

As soon as you got the invite to that awesome Halloween party, you may or may not have thought about your empty wallet. “What am...

Sleep-deprived likelier to gain freshman 15

Eating Taco Bell at 2 a.m. during all-night cramming sessions for 8 a.m. exams may not be the reason why freshmen are gaining the...

‘Burg sheds light on domestic violence

October is a month that celebrates and raises awareness for women who are going through tough times, but breast cancer is not the only...

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