Local business offers venue, craft beer


Hattiesburg’s newest craft beer store, Maggie’s Beer House, features hundreds of options for beer connoisseurs and showgoers looking for music and a PBR.

Since opening in November, 2016, Maggie’s Beer House has grown into a place for people to gather, share a beer or enjoy a local band. The store’s amenities – a lounge area for watching TV and a space for bands to play – transform a regular drinking experience.

The store provides hundreds of craft beers from which to choose, including sours and stouts, kept at a cool 34 degrees Fahrenheit for a refreshing experience. For those who enjoy bourbon, a package store is conveniently located next door.

Store owners Terry and Rosanne Smith decided to move back to Hattiesburg from Arizona to start the business after living in Hattiesburg years prior.

“We were living in Phoenix, Arizona and just missed the small town atmosphere,” Rosanne said. “So, we decided to move back here. We love craft beer and the location and decided to rearrange the building and knock some walls down. Owning a beer store is just really fun.”

On scheduled nights, mostly Fridays or Saturdays, the lounge hosts local or traveling bands. Maggie’s Beer House has featured Monster Strut, The POSWOTS, An Animal, and more. While listening to music, there are tables and couches for board games, such as Battleship and Yahtzee.

“The venue has a really relaxing feel to it,” said Monster Strut vocalist Ri Wardlow. “The front is where all the beer is. They have a huge selection of tasty beer. I spent about 10 minutes just deciding which one I wanted to try.”

“We had no idea what to expect because none of us had ever been there befor,.” Wardlow said. “There’s something fun and interesting about playing somewhere with no expectations of what it will be like. Maggie’s didn’t disappoint. Everyone was very nice and we enjoyed the venue.”

For the summer, the store is bringing the classic daiquiri machine. The machine will feature flavors from pina colada to white russian.

“The job is a refreshing step away from a typical 9 to 5,” said Maggie’s Beer House employee Tyler Ivy. “It’s a rewarding day at work when you help bring the community together for a little craft beer and music.”

The store offers a 10 percent discount for students and discount punch cards to everyone for purchases on beer growlers and beer offers. There are specials every once frequently for fun. The recent special is the Tax Relief Weekend which features a variety four pack of beer only $3 and tall 16-ounce beers for $4.

For consumers who want beer on-the-go, the store offers pick sixes and growler refills of different sizes to take and enjoy. For people not looking for a lot of beer, there are cups with lids to go to enjoy your favorite tap beer at your house. Sample cups are also available to try their beers on tap, before picking which one to take home. Maggie’s is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m Monday through Saturday and located at 116 W. Florence St. next to Beer, Wine & Liquor.