Micro Wrestling Federation packs a huge punch


Fans packed the Dollar Box Showroom on Thursday to see the Micro Wrestling Federation’s group of dedicated performers. The Micro Wrestling Federation (MWF) has been moving around the country for 18 years, and there is no doubting its performers’ skills.

Southern Miss alum Mark Uldrick said that he was extremely excited, and that he thinks most people would enjoy the show if they gave it a chance. Uldrick, along with the crowd, cheered and made every effort to engage with the performers.

Jack Darrell, owner of the MWF, said there was nothing he would rather be doing. He began working with the Federation as a booking agent in 2006 until he finally purchased the company two years later.

“I think people have a misconception that these guys aren’t legit athletes, and I find when people come and see the show and see their athletic ability they will be totally amazed,” Darrell said. “By the end of the night they will have a newfound respect for these little people.”

Jacob Brooks, aka “Lil Show,” has been wrestling professionally for 13 years and training all his life with his father and his brother, Jamie Brooks, who is also known as “Baby Jesus.” He enjoys his career, but it has taxed his body significantly as he had just had his fifth knee surgery.

The message most of the wrestlers wanted people to know was that even though the wrestling is choreographed, there is still a great possibility of injury.

Ryan Delisle, who goes by the stage name “Flying Ryan,” has been wrestling for four years.

“A lot of people think wrestling is fake,” Delisle said. “‘They don’t really hurt each other.’ Accidents do happen. People think it is fake, but there are a lot of injuries that happen behind closed doors. We put our lives on the line to entertain these people.”

BreAnnah “Little Miss” Belliveau is the only female of the group, but she loves her job. She said there are many pros and cons. Belliveau said that the support and respect she receives from children is very motivational. Belliveau did mention, though, that she wishes she had another girl to spend time with on the road.

MWF boasted some 250 shows last year in a multitude of venues all around the country. The owner of the Dollar Box Showroom, Ben Shemper, said that of the three groups he has booked, the MWF was the most professional. “They take their job very seriously. They’re the only [group] I will book from now on,” Shemper said.