New Orleans-based band draws crowd to Dollar Box


New Orleans funk and jazz group Flow Tribe played a pre-spring break show at the Dollar Box Showroom in Downtown Hattiesburg on March 2, 2017.

The Thursday night gig brought out some longtime fans of Flow Tribe and made for a relaxed but upbeat audience. Flow Tribe has been playing shows in Hattiesburg for around 10 years, according to Dollar Box owner Ben Shemper. The group started out playing at Benny’s Boom Boom Room, also owned by Shemper, and has become a Hattiesburg regular that plays multiple times a year and always draws a familiar crowd.

The Dollar Box opened in January of 2015 and has become a hot spot for college and post- college aged Hattiesburgers to see their favorite local entertainment. With relatively regular appearances from groups like Afroman, The Weeks, Flow Tribe and local acts, the Dollar Box is known in the area for hosting shows with a local cult following. Given that it has that kind of relationship with the city, it is a rare occasion when a Dollar Box show is not full to capacity.

“I’ve been booking Flow Tribe for 10 years,” said Shemper. “Ever since they played at the Boom Boom Room a couple years ago, we had a much bigger crowd come out to see them. I was like, ‘We’ve gotta get some of these pool tables out of the way so more people can get in here to see this show.’”

“I’ve been a huge fan of Flow Tribe since the first time I saw them two years ago,” said attendee Dakota Delozier. “I really like how they make jazzy music more modern so that it appeals to a younger demographic. Their energy really captures a crowd.”

Flow Tribe is New Orleans-based and brings together a mix of funky covers and originals, making up a high-energy and entirely danceable show. The 5-piece consists of guitar, drums, vocals and an interesting percussion setup that includes a washboard. Anyone can find something enjoyable about the band because of their versatility.

“I guess in my eyes it’s like a taste from home,” said New Orleans native Peyton Czerwonka. “I’m from New Orleans and there are not many local bands that come and perform in Hattiesburg. It brings everyone together for great music and that’s what I love about them.”

“I wanted to make sure we could get Flow Tribe back before summer,” Shemper said. “It was a great show, as always.”