New safety policies in place for 2017-18 athletic season


Fans of Southern Miss Athletics will have to abide by new fan safety measures when they attend home games for all sports this season.

A clear bag policy is the newest policy that will be implemented this season. Starting with the football home opener against Kentucky on Sep. 2, fans will only be permitted to bring a 12x6x12 clear plastic bag or a resealable clear storage bag that does not exceed one gallon in volume. Small clutch purses that do not exceed 4.5×6.5 inches will also be permitted inside athletic venues.

Fans who require essential medical equipment will be allowed to take those items into a venue after an inspection. For football games, a designated gate will be set aside for fans with medical equipment.

“The University Police Department with the assistance of Southern Miss Athletics will be instituting a “clear bag policy” beginning with this year’s athletic season,” said University Police Chief Bob Hopkins. “This new policy will allow for an extra level of security and protection for those attending events.”

Golf cart usage will also be restricted on campus as a result of the new safety measures. Fans with privately owned golf carts and other recreational vehicles will not be allowed inside M.M. Roberts Stadium’s inner security perimeter for football games. Golf carts will still be permitted outside of the perimeter, however.

Proper licensing and insurance are also required for golf carts and recreational vehicles on campus, as state law classifies them as traditional vehicles.

“Only Southern Miss vehicles, law enforcement, fire, medical, or the official Southern Miss game day shuttle/escort service will be allowed access to this secured perimeter,” Hopkins said. “No privately owned golf carts or other non-traditional modes of travel will be authorized.”