Trump continues to conquer Republican polls

The ever-bolstering support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump saw an upward tick Jan. 19 at a campaign rally in Iowa when former Alaska...

NCAA’s targeting rule hurting the quality of play

It is becoming increasingly hard to stop the passing game in college football. One of the reasons why is because of the new targeting...

USM ranked ‘most affordable online college’ in nation

On Oct. 19, Affordable Colleges Online (ACO) recognized Southern Miss as the best in the United States for its ability to bring academics to...

Swipe Right

I have no words. I’m a fairly good student with honors credentials. I’m majoring in English, News Editorial Journalism and Photojournalism. I have legions of...

Obama’s policies not enough against ISIS

Even before the attacks in Paris last week, the chances of increased American intervention in the conflict with the Islamic State were on the...

Minimum Wage Increases Impact College Students

Michael Kavitz As of Jan. 1, the minimum wage has increased in 20 states and in the District of Columbia. According to USA Today, the increase...

Critics dislike Facebook announcement

During an informal Q&A session on Sept. 15, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that his company had been working on a soon-to- be-released “dislike”...

Abuse allegations topple Kevin Spacey’s “house of cards”

Alyssa Milano, a famous Hollywood actress urged any women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted to write two words on Twitter: “Me too.”...

Obama declares union strong, economy on upswing in 2015 address

President Obama gave his first 2015 State of the Union Address Tuesday night. States of the Union addresses are, historically, a platform for the...

No one will call Trump ‘Mr. President’

Since he declared his candidacy for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, real estate magnate and reality TV star Donald Trump has been  in the...

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