Politicians discuss net neutrality

Obama went public with his feelings about net neutrality, putting Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler in an uncomfortable position.  On Monday, Obama released a...

GOP paints America red until 2016

After a long and expensive midterm election cycle, Democrats have lost the Senate, increased their minority in the House and saw losses in gubernatorial...

Miss. residents re-elect Cochran, GOP takes the Senate

Credit: Courtesy Photo After a long and expensive midterm election cycle, Democrats lost control of the Senate, increased their minority in the House and...

Non-citizens could affect election vote

According to the Washington Post, a recent study suggested that people who are not citizens could affect the senatorial elections in November by saving...

‘Insensitive’ Ebola merchandise booms

It has now been several months since we have had a single day without hearing about Ebola from one news outlet or another, in...

College students develop Ebola detection strips

When biology professor Rachelle Spell at Emory University assigned an extra credit project, two students dedicated themselves to advancing the challenge from idea to...

The good, the bad and the ugly of the NFL: the ugly

The NFL is a multi-billion dollar corporation that has thrived over the last two decades, becoming America’s favorite professional sport. But over the last few...

Modern women still face unequal pay

In the Declaration of Independence, the forefathers of America embraced the truth that “all men are created equal.” However, they conveniently left out if...

Giants’ rotation will make them a dynasty

Caption: Oct. 14, 2014; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Royals center fielder Lorenzo Cain (6) hits a single against the Baltimore Orioles during the...

Walmart plans new healthcare initiative

Courtesy Photo  Walmart raised eyebrows last week after announcing that it plans to work to become the number-one healthcare provider in the U.S. According to...

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