Media wrongly focus on female sexuality

If ever you have questioned your beauty or worth, ask yourself why. Women have a history of facing various forms of discrimination. Often times, misrepresentation...

Policy, personality to rule Trump-Clinton debate

The Presidential Debates will be live a week from today at Hofstra University on Long Island and will predictably feature only Donald Trump and...

Opportunity for Education Equality in Obama College Plan

Last week, President Barack Obama announced a new federal plan to ensure two tuition-free years for potential students at any community college in the...

Abortion protest: opposing views

Caption: An anti-abortion protester stands in Shoemaker Square a few weeks ago when students and women’s rights advocates spoke out against the demonstrators. -...

International students celebrate Chinese New Year

On Sat. Jan 28, The University of Southern Mississippi’s Chinese Students and Scholars Association hosted a Chinese New Year Gala in order to ring...

Dress to impress

Maybe you’re an underclassman and looking for a respectable part-time job or summer internship. Maybe you’re a senior and looking for your big girl...

New planets distract from Earth issues

On Feb. 22, NASA announced its discovery of seven Earth-like planets orbiting dwarf star TRAPPIST-1 about 40 light years away from Earth. According to NASA,...

Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act serves no justice

Last week a major bill passed in the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously after passing in the Senate earlier this year. This is noteworthy...

Character devlopment makes Stranger Things Season Two shine

Stranger Things Season Two did everything but disappoint. It excited, it saddened, and it immersed you into the town of Hawkins, Indiana as if...

On Paul Ryan’s philosophy, primary’s final outlook

Last week, this column examined the office of the Speaker of the House in the U.S. Congress and the latest occupant of that office,...

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