Grub N’ The Hub: Late Night

Living in a college town can have its perks. Hattiesburg has an abundance of places to get great food. Within a short stretch of...

Living with generalized anxiety disorder

Yes, it is true. We as a generation need to talk about the growing impact of mental health on teens and young adults all...

Teachers’ lack of passion affects students

Throughout this semester, I have continuously noticed that some teachers are not sympathetic and not just in college. I have noticed that many of...

How to dress chic for cheap during winter

Temperatures have been dropping and the semester is wrapping up, which means it is time to whip out the winter wardrobe. Trends come and go,...

Let’s get cracking: How to spice up your egg dish

More often than not, those of us who are college students who have to provide our own food look for ways to eat cheaply....

Why you should vaccinate your children

The World Health Organization says that as of July 2018, roughly 20 million children under the age of one did not receive the diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis...

The Lanie Diaries

Now that Halloween has come and gone, we have already begun to skip over Thanksgiving and have our eyes set on Christmas. Why is...

Midterm elections: Why they matter

Voter turnout rates for midterm elections have always been low. However, midterm elections matter just as much, if not more, as presidential elections. By...

Migrant caravan has legal right to seek asylum

In mid-October, a massive group of migrants began traveling from Honduras to the southern United States border in an attempt to escape gang violence...

The Lanie Diaries: WeCroak

Over the course of about three weeks, I have been undergoing an experiment thanks to my editor. I was told to download “An app...

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