My single girl guide to not being single

Up until this past July, I spent the last three years of my life sans relationship.  Little did I know, having a significant other...

Karen O oversimplifies in solo debut

Longtime Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen O has finally released her eagerly awaited solo debut, “Crush Songs.” For those wondering about the direction Karen would...

Urban Outfitters clothing stunt raises eyebrows

Urban Outfitters has been the center of media attention after, once again, releasing a controversial article of clothing. The company unveiled a vintage one-of-a-kind Kent...

‘The Maze Runner’ lives to fans expectations

“The Maze Runner” is one of my favorite books of all time. Author James Dashner brings insight to a frightening future for humanity. When I...

Fall playlist suggestions for music lovers

With autumn steadily approaching, here are a few of my favorite songs to listen to during the fall. Fall, for me, tends to lend...

How Roger Goodell is slowly killing the NFL

The National Football League is one of the most powerful organizations in the world. Starting in 2010, the Super Bowl has averaged over 100-million...

Indie music blurs genre boundaries

Imagine a person wearing a “The 1975” tee, while listening to the indie band through his earbuds. He strolls through the Thad and hears Maroon...

Netflix originals feed procrastinators

Netflix is an affordably addictive drug for college students to consume when procrastinating that close-but-not-deathly-close deadline. While an insomniac without Netflix would be watching infomercials...

Is chivalry really dead?

Many question what has happened to chivalry in modern society. Usually, a woman would say that chivalry is dead, but her hidden reason for saying so...

Keep it classy, campus smokers

I have a confession: for the first three years of my college career, I was an active cigarette smoker. There was nothing more gratifying...

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