Value of liberal arts degrees questioned

Facebook fights, Twitter tussles and Reddit rumbles all have one thing in common; they resolve nothing. This rings true for a poorly thought confession on...

Rape prevention polish proves controversial

It could happen to anyone. It could happen anywhere, at any time, regardless of age, race or gender.  What’s most frightening of all, though, is...

Is ALS ice bucket challenge more helpful or harmful?

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has taken every platform of social media by storm. The ice bucket challenge is meant to bring awareness to Amyotrophic...

Learn to exercise proper gym etiquette

Walk through the entrance of the 7,900-square-foot WorkOut Zone at the Payne Center and you will find a cornucopia of machines and equipment with...

My favorite band broke up: A survival guide

We met in high school. Like all innocent love affairs, it started slowly but then washed over me suddenly. You became an integral part of...

USM parking could be worse

Walk into any morning class, stand in line for Starbucks, or just walk through any hallway on campus over the last few days and...

‘Chasing the Sun’ or chasing failure?

I remember when a certain Disney star was my role model. I sang along to her best hits “Coming Clean” and “Metamorphosis” as a...

Oh, Jeremiah delivers angelic album

I greatly admire singer/songwriters who take pride in telling a story. They have a clear understanding of how to create a scene or tell...

‘Thinspiration’ craze lowers women’s self-esteem

With summer vacation coming up, it’s almost impossible not to hear the nearly universal cries of, “I want my bikini body.”  While there is...

Leave: Expand your horizons

“To understand the world, one must first understand a place like Mississippi.” This is a quote by Mississippi native William Faulkner. I love that...

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