Q & A With Deveron Devon on Recent Comedy Show


Q: Tell me about your rehearsal experience.

A: The rehearsal experience that I went through was the most meticulous thing, I have ever done. Every joke had to be strategically place to build the set correctly. Thankfully, this isn’t the first show that I’ve put together, so I was able find solace in that.

I wanted to be sure that I found the right talent to fit in with the crowd that I was expecting. Thankfully, Ben Compton, Mark Brooks, Brandon Philips, True Wordskill and Tyga were perfect fits. I can honestly say I don’t think the show had any holes.

Q: How far have you come since you’ve started in comedy?

A: I’ve come a very long way. I joined CHAOS back in 2012 and I didn’t have any actual performance experience. I just had a larger than life personality, and they helped me to mold that into something that could but performed.

I had my first show in that very same room four years ago. It was about 10-12 people in the room. I loved it – those 12 people for showing up. After the show, I sat in the room and said to myself “One day I am going to fill up this room.”

I put in the work. I became known as “that funny guy on campus.” I kept working to get better day in and day out. I would spend hours working on material just learning the craft.

I would watch comics such as Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart, Bernie Mac, George Carlin etc. just the greatest of the greats to just get an understanding of the game. After I gained the understanding I was searching for I went to club after club just working material.

It’s still sort of surreal that the show actually happened.

Q: Tell me about your performance last night, what did you feel during the show?

A: The night of the show I was actually kind of numb. It didn’t feel like I was doing a show. I had an out of body experience when I was on the stage. I actually can’t remember anything but going up and coming down.

Everything in between is a blur. I have to say that my parents being there made it special. I can comfortably say I put my all into that show. The most special part of the night was when a kid came up to me and said I inspired him to do what I do.

I can leave the campus knowing that I have left my all right there in that room.