Relay for Life kicks off

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

On Thursday, April 24 residents of Hattiesburg and students, faculty and staff at The University of Southern Mississippi will gather for the annual Relay for Life charity event.

The Relay for Life website informs readers of what the organization is and how to get involved in it. The charity’s event takes place every year in honor of cancer victims. Relay for Life recognizes those who have died from this disease, individuals who are currently suffering from it, men and women who have survived it and the friends and families of people who have been affected by cancer.

According to a press release, the festivities will begin at 3 p.m. and last until 11 p.m.

Emily Klein, an employee at the Payne Center, said the competitive charity event will take place on Pride Field and that there will be booths set up by teams comprised of Southern Miss students who will compete with each other. Each booth will represent a different country.

“Different teams will have different countries, and they will have food and other activities,” Klein said.

There will also be merchandise for sale for those who choose to participate. Klein said competitors will have the opportunity to purchase lumineers, lamps that can by lit with a candle before floating up into the sky.
The official Facebook account for the local branch of the nationwide organization informs readers about how they can donate to the cause.

Everyone can make a difference in at least one person’s life by choosing to take part in a Relay for Life event, as well as by making a donation to the American Cancer Society on the Relay for Life website.