Ryan Seacrest’s accusations come back into light


New information regarding Ryan Seacrest allegedly assaulting an employee emerged on Feb. 27.

According to Seacrest’s accuser Suzie Hardy, Seacrest groped her and gave her hugs in only his boxers. Seacrest said Hardy’s accusations were false and that he was willing to submit to an investigation.

The investigation conducted by E News received backlash for being corrupt in its proceedings. E! has been accused of failing to interview four key witnesses of the alleged assault by Seacrest. Hardy told Variety “It was obvious the investigator was whitewashing it for Seacrest’s side.”

E! responded by denying any flaws with the investigation.

“Any claims that question the legitimacy of this investigation are completely baseless,” a statement from E! said.

Since the investigation began, Seacrest said that Hardy repeatedly asked him for $15 million to buy her silence. Hardy denied these accusations and said that Seacrest ensured her that he would be giving her job back soon in phone calls after she was let go from E!

Following the initial internal investigation, Seacrest reported that a third party investigated into the accusations made by Hardy. This investigation, if true, is in direct conflict with Hardy’s claims of corruption in the investigation. Furthermore, Seacrest alleges that this third party investigation involved numerous interviews with Seacrest, Hardy, and witnesses of the alleged sexual misconduct.

Seacrest wrote in an open statement, “Ultimately, my name was cleared. I eagerly participated in the investigation in order to demonstrate my innocence because I know my truth, and I believe in due process. This person who has accused me of horrible things offered, on multiple occasions, to withdraw her claims if I paid her millions of dollars. I refused. I have worked extremely hard to achieve my success and I don’t take my opportunities for granted. I don’t want to accuse anyone of not telling the truth but in this case, I have no choice but to again deny the claims against me, remind people that I was recused of any wrongdoing, and put the matter to rest.”

This new information comes during the #MeToo movement, a movement in which many high profile individuals who were loved by many have come tumbling down in the blink of an eye because of sexual assault allegations. Though clearly not immune to such a fallout, it will be interesting to see how the public reacts to these accusations against Ryan Seacrest. The TV host and personality has always been a constant among Americans, and he’s loved by almost everybody. According to the investigations against him, Seacrest is not guilty of any wrongdoing. However, with this recent new information coming to light, it’s hard to say what may or may not come next.