Futuristic love bra: modern chastity belt?

If you were to ask a woman what she looks for in a quality bra, she would likely respond something to the effect of,...

Hacked over the holidays

At the start of the new year, popular applications Snapchat and Skype were hacked in unrelated incidents. According to www.guardianlv.com, two of the most popular...

Excitement around scientific breakthroughs

Recent scientific discoveries may affect the way we think about the universe and celestial bodies along with how we use technology in medical contexts. The...


I don’t know why everyone is freaking about the whole “selfie” craze. I mean, I could understand why you would freak out about the...

Messenger app causes unrest for users

Facebook has once again changed, and the newest changes concerning its messenger feature, both desktop and mobile, may not be for the better. There has...

Welcome to the ‘Nerdvolution’

On The University of Southern Mississippi’s campus, there are many well-established groups, ranging from religious worship groups to academic honor societies. However, there is...

Gamers disappointed at EA’s decision

Electronic Arts (EA) has recently taken heavy criticism over reports that they withheld review copies of “The Sims 4” from gaming publications intending to...

Spreading awareness, but not Ebola

If you have paid attention to any form of mass media lately, you have most likely seen and heard the growing media frenzy surrounding...

Netflix changes how you view TV

A revolution is taking place in home entertainment.  In fact, you can take the “home” out of the equation entirely. Today’s college students no longer...

Otzi the iceman case comes to USM

Monday at 6 p.m., professor of anthropology and sociology Marie Danforth and University Libraries hosted a Science Café detailing the mysterious case of Otzi...

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