New Wi-Fi expands students’ Internet access

The University of Southern Mississippi revamped its wireless services by switching to a new Wi-Fi network. The new network, Eduroam, provides the same features...

UFO research to become mainstream science

A team of scientists have set up the UFO Detection and Tracking project to legitimize the research and investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects seen...

Stephen Hawking: Technology Contributes to Inequality

    Stephen Hawking, a world renowned physicist, met almost immediate opposition after he made a statement saying that technology is a contributor to inequality....

Egyptian tech creates drinkable water from the ocean.

Researchers at Alexandria University in Egypt say they have created new technology that will convert salt water into drinkable water. Researchers at Alexandria University in...

Consumers worried by iOS9 tracking capabilities

On Wednesday, Sept. 16, Apple released iOS 9 to largely unfavorable reviews. The new operating system boasted several overhauled—if not entirely new—features that allow Apple...

Students weigh in on iPhone 6

The new iPhone 6 became available in stores last Friday with a new ‘hands-free’ Siri. Reported by the New York Times, people can activate...

Start-stop cars on way to America

New technology called ‘startstop’ is coming to America soon. The technology commonly called ‘start-stop’ has been a hit in Europe. Today more than 60 percent...

USM grad student heads to Arctic waters

<h5">Graduate student Laura Whitmore will spend 65 days aboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter “Healy” to study methane distribution in seawater and its transmission...

University dubs HPR ‘School of Kinesiology’

The University of Southern Mississippi changed the name of the School of Human Performance and Recreation to give it a better appeal and to...

Smart Pills: Not Worth the Risk

There are many new drugs popping up claiming to give you mental boosts such as “elevated memory” and “sharpened focus and clarity.” These pills bring...

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