Researchers Discover Potential Autism Treatment

A team of researchers from Mississippi and California has recently made a shocking discovery about the brain. The team’s research concluded that the brain...

New Student Success Website Benefits First-Year Students

A team of faculty and staff members at The University of Southern Mississippi created the Student Success website designed as a “one-stop shop” for...

NASA Begins Search for Life on Europa

Jupiter's ice-covered moon, Europa, has been the focus of many scientists since the first high-resolution image revealed its icy surface. After 36 years, the...

Snap it, cash it: popular app goes too far

Snapchat’s new feature “SnapCash” may open new doors to amateur porn. Snapchat partnered with payment firm Square to allow users to send money to...

YouTube considers ad-free subscriptions

YouTube, which is owned by Google, is considering whether it will shift from its current revenue source from solely advertisements to advertisements and subscriptions,...

Cleanse social media to better health

When it comes to forming relationships, social media can be a great outlet with which to meet and get to know someone. But, if not...

App helps students plan night out

WiGo, or Who is going out?, is one of the latest in a string of mobile applications aimed at the college demographic. Following apps like...

Cuddlr app moves things too quickly

Cuddlr, a location-based app that allows you to socialize and snuggle with strangers, has been on the rise for more reasons than one. Whether you’re...

Otzi the iceman case comes to USM

Monday at 6 p.m., professor of anthropology and sociology Marie Danforth and University Libraries hosted a Science Café detailing the mysterious case of Otzi...

‘Gen Z’ becomes focus of advertisers

Generation Y - otherwise known as the Millenials - are those born between early 1980s to late 1990s. They are the young, hip people...

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